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Marco Polo Night

October 15, 2014

IALA welcomes JABA and SCCLA for the annual Marco Polo Night mixer on October 15, where guests were treated to world class music from Maria Elena Infantino and Carlos de Antonis. Pictured above, lawyers from Girardi & Keese settle in to enjoy the evening.

Presidents Steven Yoda (JABA), Stacey Wang (SCCLA), and Damian Capozzola (IALA) belt out Frank Sinatra's "My Way" to get the entertainment started.

Getting to the end...

Big finish!

Take a bow!

IALA newlyweds Dominic and Tatiana Nunneri enjoy the Presidents' Performance.

Maria Elena Infantino sings for the crowd's enjoyment.

IALA superstars Sharon Yarber and Ed Baretta dance to the music.

Tenor Carlos de Antonis joins Maria Elena on stage.

Carlos de Antonis takes the stage for his solo prformance.

The crowd gives a standing ovation to Carlos de Antonis and Maria Elena Infantino.

Carlos de Antonis and Maria Elena Infantino enjoy one last dance at IALA's annual Marco Polo Night.

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